About us

Take the journey and view thousands of carefully selected quality vintage and antique items. Buy with confidence, find a unique gift for that special person or treat yourself to a treasure from the eclectic mix offered by our online shop.
Buying vintage is not only good for the planet but you also get something that was made with quality and endurance in mind, in times when people put in the extra time and effort to make their creations beautiful.
Most of the products in our store were handmade with love by artists and craftspeople of the past who laboured over countless hours to create something unique to show the world their best skills.


With around 2500 items for sale we simply outgrew Etsy where we are known as "Romanza.Love.Vintage", so we're branching out with a new website but with the old mission of delighting the vintage lovers of the planet with the best products and service.

For the time being the Etsy shop will still be running normally, parallel to our new independent website, romantiques.com.au. Shoppers are welcome at either of our shops and will receive the same high standard of customer care on both channels.