Exciting Times! New Website. Better Tools for Customer Service and a Name Change

With well over 2000 items - mostly linen, lace, vintage art and ceramics - for sale online, our shop simply outgrew Etsy where we're known as "Romanza.Love.Vintage", so we've built a new website but with the old mission of delighting the vintage lovers of the planet with the best products and service.

Over the last 5 years, we sold nearly 4000 vintage treasures to not just Australia and New Zealand, but to many other regions, including North America, Europe and the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Asia. In fact over 40% of our orders come from overseas. 

For the time being the Etsy shop will still be running normally, parallel to our own website, romantiques.com.au

We are happy for you to browse either of our shops although from now on, our new items will be added exclusively to this site. You can find more of our customer reviews on Etsy if you want to know more about the excellent service you can expect from this business.

We're still exploring the great features here - including shopping through Facebook and Messenger - that will let us give you all the information you want and need about the items we are selling, the purchase terms and conditions and we'll keep bringing you special discount offers in the run-up to the holiday season.


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